4 Important C’s For Digital Marketing

4 Important C's For Digital Marketing

Content: This is the most important aspect of any website because the content is the king. Content is a piece of information presented with a purpose distributed to the people. Content makes people understand business and how you solve their problems. Useful content should be at the core of your marketing.  

Conversation: The conversation is 2nd important factor in making the connection with your audience. Everyone has some doubt about any product or service that he or she is going to buy. You can make 100% satisfy your potential customer before buying. 

The conversation is important to make the connection between 2 people, they could be anyone like buyer and sellers, boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, two friends and etc. In this digital generation, people have lots of social media platforms for conversation. Eg: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Linkedin, Youtube, etc.

Community: Being in a community is a fundamental need. As social media had evolved in this digital generation, connection with the community becomes easy. Companies build communities on social media platforms to connect with their potential customers. Community marketing is a strategy to involve and engage future and current customers toward their products or services. This also helps to improve your services and product quality via getting feedback and concern from the customers.  

Connection: Connecting with the people helps them to trust you and make them understand how your services and products are solving their problems. The connection between you and your current customers helps you to resale your products and services. People do business with you because of the relationship. Connecting to your audience will allow you to understand their reactions, wants, needs, and problems.

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