Common Mistakes In Google Ads

Being on the top of google ads can be challenging and everyone wants to get that position. Brands are spending a huge budget on google ads and hoping for a good ROI but the conversion would not magically appear. You should revise your campaign and analyze what are the common mistakes in google ads you are doing. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid.

Avoiding Right Keywords Matches

Broad Match, Phrase Match, and Exact Match tree are categories of keyword matches that every advertiser should be familiar with.  People commonly use the wrong keyword match type. It is an advertiser’s responsibility to analyze a keyword and decide which best keyword matched should be used. Let’s uncover.

a. Broad Match:

When you run an ad with broad match-type keywords, your ads will show when people search for your keywords. Results will display without focussing on words in keywords.

For Example: If you are a jeans seller and your keyword can be “best jeans for men in Delhi” you use a broad match type so you will show if anyone searches for jeans for best men in Delhi, Delhi jeans best for men, or best jeans for men in Delhi. This could be anything related to your keyword similar or shuffled.

b. Phrase Match:

When you are using a keyword with a phrase match type your ads will display when people search in exact order. This means if your keyword is “Common Mistakes in Google Ads” and people are searching exactly the same words and in the same order then your ads will appear. But your ad will appear for those too who are using some more words with this keyword.

For Example: If your keyword is “Best smartwatch” and anyone is searching “where to buy best smartwatch” or “best smartwatch 2022” or “best smartwatch for men” then Your ad will appear.

c. Exact Match:

Exact match type keywords you can clearly understand with the name that your ad will only appear when people type the exact same keyword means your keyword is “Best Mobile under 15000” then the search should be the same as it is.

Avoiding Negative Keywords

This is a very common and one of the biggest mistakes. People don’t analyze negative keywords related to or similar to their keywords, due to this they got impressions and sometimes visitors but most of them are not convertible. More than 6 million keywords search every day o google and approximate 20% of them are new keywords. This means google hasn’t registered these keywords. By adding negative keywords, you can avoid those searches which are not related to your product or services.

For Example: if your negative keyword is “Job” and your profession is to educate people about digital marketing then if anyone searches for jobs in digital marketing your ad will not appear this will decrease your unnecessary searches and save you money.