Reason Why Customers Are Not Buying Your Products

If you are doing efforts on your marketing but are unable to sell as much as you would. So it is very necessary to evaluate why and make adjustments according to your focused customers. If your marketing is not satisfying the requirements of your customer, that probably is the reason why customers are not buying your products. Customer needs exact or more value of that price than they are willing to pay. There are many reasons you are likely to find a need for changes in your approach.

Lack of Awareness About Product or Company

The very first and important reason why customers are not buying your products is a lack of awareness about your product or company. Customers haven’t heard or seen about it yet or maybe this is the first time he or she has seen your ads on google or social media, heard by any influencer on YouTube or Instagram reels. As a customer how anyone can trust a product or company which he or she hasn’t seen or heard before?

In order to overcome this hitch you need to get connected with your customer and generate trust in your brand. Connect with your customers, take critical reviews on social media and post 100% solutions on the same review, this should not look like you are trying to get rid of this.

Lack Of Value or Interest In Product

Consumers will not buy products that they perceive no value or interest in the particular product and this is reason why customers are not uying your products. Brands can increase value by showing consumers about benefits of the product, new colors, new designs, new features, and new models. Anything extra in a product grabs the interest of the customers to buy that product. even if it can be new words and terms for the same product.

For Example: If you’re advertising a new pair of shoes, you might want to focus on a new style and confirm of product, but you should also consider customer experience feedback and stylist reviews on that product. This is increase trust in your brand, which indirectly increase your sale.

Short Time Marketing Plans

Today new brands want to sell their product within a week, they don’t have a long-term plan of marketing they have a short-term marketing plan.  There are lots of freelancers and YouTube channels that show that they can increase their sales by themselves or hire a freelancer. Lack of information makes them decide on a short-term marketing plan. which never works. A brand or product needs proper focus on marketing to increase trust in that particular band.

For example: If a person is looking for jeans and he sees a new brand’s ad on social media, he clicked that ad and land to the website see the whole product. The person may like those jeans but at the same time he has many doubts so went away, and visit some more websites but found that jeans were better than others. Now if A brand has a long-term marketing plan then That particular person sees that same brand’s ad multiple times which increases their trust in the brand.

You’re targeting incorrect audience

If you are targeting an incorrect audience, this is also a reason why customers are not buying your products. In order to overcome this obstacle targeting the correct audience is important. Finding who is your ideal customers is also a long-term process. New brands start targeting the whole of India or multiple states in begin and with a small budget, which Couse no ROI or less ROI. In short, identify your potential customer and target where you can best grab their attention.

For Example: If you are selling pickles and you want to target everyone available over the internet rather than those women who bought monthly groceries. You will never get the maximum ROI of Your budget.

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