Facebook Ads Will Get You More Customers In low Marketing Cost

Facebook Ads Will Get You More Customers In low Marketing Cost

Facebook ads will get you more customers in a low marketing cost among all of the digital marketing platforms around the globe.

So the first question we have that what is a Facebook ad?

As you already know what we mean by ads, so Facebook is also providing its users a platform called Facebook ads or Facebook advertisement, by using Facebook advertising tools anyone can promote their product and service according to their marketing strategy and budget. Facebook is a better platform for advertisers for display ads for many reasons, as Facebook is not a search engine so we can’t compare it with search engine advertisements.

Most of the Marketing experts say that Facebook advertising is the best platform to promote your business, Facebook ads will get you more customers in low marketing cost, means you have to expend less than other platforms like Google, YouTube, etc. Of course, the cost will vary according to a number of factors, including your audience, industry, goals, and optimization settings.

Now we have a second question that Why anyone should use Facebook ads.

As I have already expended it in the top paragraphs that one of the most important factors to use Facebook ads that it will get you more customers in low marketing costs also Facebook has a vast number of users. According to Facebook Wikipedia information, Facebook has 2.45 Billion Monthly active users worldwide, so you have 2.45 billion people to target your advertisements and convert them into your customer but you have to choose it wisely according to your products or services consumers, according to your location where you can provide products and services and also according to your budget. This is the best platform to start your ads not only for big companies who have a huge budget for promotion but to the new startup who has no money to expand they can also start their advertisement just for 40 rupees’ par day and Facebook will get you more customers in low marketing cost.

So the next question is a little bit technical and that is how anyone can use Facebook ads.

Facebook has multiple options to choose your objective, you will get 11 different ad campaigns to approach within three categories and each category has different target objectives. Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.

1. Awareness

The objective of this section to increase your Brand Reputation and increase your reach. People should be aware of your product and services, so when they need that service or product your brand name will quickly pop up in their mind. Reach of people to your page is also important to factor to increase the sale of products and services. For a small budget of 40 rupees, you are likely to get 500 people to reach on your business page approx.

2. Consideration

The objective of this section is the target audience directly towards your product and services. This section will not just aware of people about your brand but this will target them towards a goal that you have selected at the time of creating a campaign. You can directly send traffic to your website. You can start engagements on your product or service post, people will start talking about that product or service. You can target people to install your mobile application into their mobile devices. Increase your video views by using this section and the best option to choose for is that Lead generation which one is my favorite Objective. Lead generation objectives will help you get the contact details of those people who are interested in your product or service and these people are most likely to convert into your real consumer.

3. Conversion

This objective encourages interested people to convert into your consumers. This section’s goal is set to buy or use your product and services, by this section you can not only convert your customers to the buyer but you can increase your online store traffic. As much traffic you will have on your e-commerce website have more chances of sales.

As if now you have understood about Facebook ads but one thing is still remaining to understand and that is, How Facebook ads will get more customers in low marketing cost? Facebook is the cheapest advertising platform but you can make it cheaper by optimizing your ads.

Factors Influence Your Facebook Advertising Costs
  1. Target specific people: Target specific people to increase your sales by doing this you are decreasing your competition from your competitor’s ads running for a similar audience. A lot of brands are bidding for the same product and services you should only bid on those who you really want to target. For example, Flipkart and Amazon have similar products to sell but they have a different audience to target they have different ideas to generate interest in their product. They target specific audiences who are interested in their ideas.

2. Engage Your Audience: Try to engage the audience on your post so they talk about your product and services on your business page or on your post and this will increase your chance to sell your products or services. If you have more enjoyment on your posts then the Facebook algorithm measures it and tries to target a more specific audience. The Facebook algorithm depends on human behavior and their daily activity. The algorithm analyzes audience interest according to their behavior and engagements by doing this Facebook get their specific audience to target.

3. Use Videos: Promote video campaigns because people love to watch videos more than reading an article and video is an easy tool to make people understand about any product and service, like how can you use this product? How this product or service will help to make people live better. You can convey your message in very less time than an article and video are quickly store in the brain and how the brain works you know it very well.

4. Re-target Your Audience by Facebook Pixel: Always use Facebook Pixel. This is the best tool that Facebook gives us to increase our sales or convert our interested audience into consumers. Put some lines of code into your website that Facebook will provide you after that Facebook starts tracking your audience and making an audience list that you can use to re-target your audience, these audiences are most likely to convert into consumers. Re-targeting is the most important part of digital marketing.

5. Use Of Images or Graphics: Use different creative images but creative should be eye-catching not distractor. Use smooth and simple colors, fonts to make a creative.

Conclusion Of This Article

By using these tips and tactics, your Facebook will get you more customers in low marketing costs. Facebook and Instagram have a huge number of audiences and this is the best platform to get more leads.

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